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Remembering Steve Jobs

John Mayer:

I used to think that when you died, everything you ever learned and amassed along the way in your life just stopped existing, all of it returned into the universe and repurposed for something else completely. Steve’s passing made me realize that can’t be true, because every bit of energy and intellect he spent his life to collect is still here with us, as vital as it was when it was with him. I can’t think of a better way to measure a life well lived.

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The iPhone’s Home Button

Lukas Mathis:

Need something from the first home screen? Hit home. Need something from the second home screen? Hit home, swipe once. Third? Hit home, swipe twice. Want to search? Hit home, swipe once. You don’t have to wait and see where the home button brings you; you can do it blindly. You know what the result of every interaction will be before you do it. Never a miscommunication. Your iPhone is predictable again.

I completely agree. A good phone UI needs to allow for “blind” operation. Pressing the home button should bring you back to the same place every single time.

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Unsolicited Redesigns

Dustin Curtis posted a fun little project a while back that redesigned the American Airlines website. Amazingly, he got a response. From the user experience architect at AA.com.

After reading about this, I was persuaded to think more critically about why designs end up the way they do. Design is not just about look and feel, it’s about how everything works. Lately, I’ve found that great web design is about metrics and strategy, then understanding those metrics to refocus the strategy.

Here are some more thoughts on unsolicited redesigns…

Khoi Vinh:

… [T]he argument that the redesign’s author makes is not quite so persuasive, mostly because it makes some rash assumptions, misses some critical realities and, perhaps worst of all, takes a somewhat inflammatory approach in criticizing the many people who work on the original site.

Lukas Mathis:

The original designers probably invested weeks or months into a design. They may have years of experience with the subject matter. At most, I’ll invest a few hours. They know a lot more about the requirements, about the constraints, about how the product is actually being used, about implementation details that could limit what features the design can offer, about the business situation, about results of usability tests, and a ton of other things I simply have no idea about.

Design is never as easy as it looks from the outside.

Own a Shape

Interesting article. Plus excellent use of the word “squircle.”

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Flash and the HP TouchPad

Then there’s Flash. Yes, the TouchPad comes with Adobe Flash built in. You can set Flash to load automatically in the browser, or load when you tap. I don’t really have much to report about Flash on the TouchPad that you haven’t read somewhere else in the context of an Android tablet: the performance isn’t very impressive. When I connected to MLB.com’s Flash-based video stream of a live baseball game, the TouchPad managed to play about four frames per second, and it was difficult to get it to respond to my touches to pause the stream. I tried to play the Flash-based Lexulous game on Facebook, but was completely unable to move my tiles onto the board. A visit to ESPN.com loaded a Flash ad that played so slowly that it basically locked up the browser. So: I can confirm that Flash runs on the TouchPad, but I can’t confirm that it runs well.

Does Flash run well on anything that isn’t living under a desk with a thousand cables attached to it?

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iOS UI Patterns

Really nice site that allows one to evaluate UI choices across the most popular and most interesting iOS Apps. Use the category breakdown on the left to browse by UI pattern.


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Kyrie Irving passed on a pitch from Lebron

Adrian Wojnarowski:

Irving will find a city dying to embrace him, and he’ll make it easy. And once they hear that his family took a pass on LeBron and his wooing partners, they’ll be even more impressed.

When choosing representation this offseason, Kyrie Irving resisted the riches and the glitz of Lebron James. Instead, he chose an agent with a squeaky clean reputation and a future vision as a pillar of the community.

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A nice OS X tool for anyone who needs to connect to multiple servers and keep track of addresses and login information for websites. Very useful for a freelance web designer or developer. If you are security-minded, please keep in mind there is no password protection or encryption built-in. Although, Mac OS X does offer on-the-fly encryption via FileVault.

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Six unexpected uses for the Mac OS X Application Switcher

I consider myself a Mac power user and I was only aware of 3 of these tricks.

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Spark Tweets

Sparklines (or mini graphs) are starting to make appearances in tweets. It’s a clever use of Unicode, which Twitter now accepts.

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